Webberville Village Commission: Ordinances

Sales Tax Election Order

ORDINANCE NO. 2003-01: Subdivision Moratorium

ORDINANCE NO. 2003-02: Excavation Moratorium

ORDINANCE NO. 2003-03: Commercial and Industrial Moratorium

ORDINANCE NO. 2003-04: Historic Preservation Moratorium

ORDINANCE NO. 2003-05:Uniform Right-of-Way Management

ORDINANCE NO. 2003-06: Creation of Municipal Court

ORDINANCE NO. 2003-07: Bluebonnet Franchise

ORDINANCE NO. 2003-08: Repeal of Telecommunication Exemption

ORDINANCE NO. 2003-09: Flood Damage Prevention

ORDINANCE NO. 2003-10: Traffic Regulation within City Limits

ORDINANCE NO. 2003-11: 4B Election Order

Webberville Village Commission: Resolutions

Resolution NO. 2003-01: A resolution of the Village of Webberville opposing HB2212/SB1569

Resolution NO. 2003-02: A resolution of the Village of Webberville canvassing sales tax election

Resolution NO. 2003-03: A resolution of the Village of Webberville clarifying references to the municiple governing body

Resolution NO. 2003-04: Flood Damage Prevention Resolution