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The American Red Cross has had teams in Travis County since February 18th performing damage assessments, providing residents clean up kits (shovels, work gloves, tarps), and distribution of water and snacks.

They are taking calls from citizens who are reporting damages. Please feel free to call the numbers below to report and damage or if you need help with clean up.

1-800-928-4271 or 1-512-928-4271

Angela Tidwell, EMC Village of Webberville

Comprised of settlements dating back to 1827, Webber's Prairie was formally established by retired physician John Ferdinand Webber in 1839.

Also known as Hell's Half Acre for its rough reputation, Webber's Prairie was renamed Webberville in 1853, and was finally incorporated as a Village in February of 2003.

Located in far eastern Travis County, Webberville has a vibrant and living history, offers beautiful vistas and dazzling sunsets, and is home to two county parks with access to the Colorado River.

Please browse our site, give us feedback, and if you live in the area, please get involved, we'd love to see you.

Announcement of Village Commission Meeting:

Read the agenda for 20 September 2017 Village Commission Special Meeting/Public Hearing here.

Public Notice Budget Tax Rate (2017-2018)

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